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Trademark filing requirements in India

Trademark filing requirements in India: Specimen of the trademark in JPEG• For shape of goods 3-5 different views ( top, bottom, left side, right side and front view)

1.     Name, address, nationality and particulars of the applicant (whether individual, society, trust, partnership firms or company)

2.     International Class

3.     Description of goods or services as per NICE Classification (Now, there is no limit as to the specification of goods or services)

4.     User date in India or proposed to be used (where used is claimed, an affidavit in support of use must be filed with the application)

5.     Details of priority, if any, including application number, date of filing and country of filing

6.     Translation and transliteration in English, if mark is not in Indian language

7.     Power of authority has to be stamped as per Indian Stamps Act and must be filed along with the application (Notarisation or legalisation is not mandatory)