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Requirements for filing Conventional Patent Applications in India

Conventional Patent filing in India:Conventional Patent Application in India claims priority from a convention application and has to be filed in India within 12 months from date of priority and accompanied by a complete specification. 

The basic mandatory requirements for filing conventional application in India are as follows:

1.     Name, address, particulars and nationality of applicant/s for patent

2.     Name, address and nationality of inventor/s of patent

3.     Complete specification with description, claims, abstract, drawings

Other requirements for filing Conventional Patent Applications in India:

1.     Declaration as to inventorship within 1 month of filing application

2.     Certified copy of priority document, within 3 months from date of requisition by Controller

3.     English translation of Complete Specification, Priority document along with verification in support within 3 months from date of requisition by the Controller

4.     Details of all corresponding foreign application within 6 months of filing of application and/or within 6 months of filing of Patent application in any country outside India.

5.     Proof of right in favour of applicant from inventor in writing (assignment deed, employment agreement or any other arrangement) preferably notarised within 6 months from filing of application.

6.     Power of authority in favour of Indian Patent Attorney/ agent, to be stamped in India, notarisation not necessary. Should be filed as soon as possible so that the application can be proceed towards publication at the earliest and must be filed within 3 months of demand raised by the Patent office.